ASRock Rack E3C252D4 Memory Upgrade

SKU: ME25600-818K1-ASRE3C252D4

Form Factor: ECC UDIMM
Technology Speed: DDR4 3200MHZ PC4-25600
Size: 8GB (1X8GB)
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Technical Specifications

Module Density:

Form Factor:

Technology Speed:





ASRock Rack E3C252D4

Total Memory Slots: 4

Max Memory: 128GB

System Memory:
4 DIMM slots, Supports DDR4-3200 ECC/non-ECC UDIMM (up to DDR4-2666 when installing 10th Gen Intel® Pentium® Series Processors) the Maximum memory upgrade of 126GB can be achived with a kit of four 32GB NEMIX RAM ECC (Error Correct Code UDIMMs)/non-ECC UDIMM modules.
The ASRock Rack E3C252D4 supports Intel® Xeon® E-2300 and 10th Gen Intel® Pentium® series processors single Socket H5


ASRock Rack E3C252D4 System Board is upgradeable to 128GB using 4 slots. Supporting NEMIX RAM DDR4 3200MHZ PC4-25600 ECC UDIMM Non-Buffered Memory backed by Lifetime Warranty.

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