Since 1993, NEMIX RAM has been offering memory upgrades for Apple / Mac computers. We know Apple Memory as well as PC Memory.

The best way to increase performance of your Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook is to increase the RAM…Your machine run faster with less possibility of crashes and down time. NEMIX RAM Memory Upgrades also allow your Apple / Mac to multitask more effectively and run the newest software for Memory intensive photo, video and audio editing programs. Upgrading the RAM will prolong the life of your machine without having to replace it. In many cases, an older Mac will run faster than a new one when the RAM is at maximum capacity.

NEMIX RAM offers the best prices in the industry on Apple Memory Upgrades backed by Lifetime Warranty. We are manufacturer-direct to consumer and corporate sector offering technical support and volume discounts.

Whether you require a 1.5TB upgrade for your Mac Pro 2019 or a 4GB upgrade for your late MacBook Pro, we got you covered.