Intel Ice Lake

Last year, Intel unveiled their next generation Xeon CPUs (codenamed Ice Lake, the successor to Cascade Lake), Intel's first 10nm server processors to launch later this year. Production on Ice Lake has been confirmed by Intel to have begun in January of this year and NEMIX RAM is working on products to meet the coming demand for memory intensive applications that will run on Ice Lake Scalable Processors.

The new Xeon CPUs feature massive improvements over their predecessor, and while the initial reveal by Intel showed 28-core versions, rumors have been circling around a 36-core variant being tested by a major motherboard manufacturer. Regardless, the new Xeons feature impressive specs:

  • 10nm+ process technology
  • 2-socket Whitley platform
  • L3 cache of 1.5MB per core (Max L3 Cache still TBA)
  • PCIe Gen 4 support (twice as fast as PCIe Gen 3)
  • Memory support for up to 8-channel DDR4-3200

One of the more impressive benchmarks is the 18% higher IPC (instructions per clock) vs. Cascade Lake processors. Most relevant to NEMIX RAM is Ice Lake-SP can support a total of 6TB of RAM per socket. We're watching the space, working with industry leaders and actively developing memory upgrade solutions for HPC (high performance computing) applications that these new Ice Lake Xeons target.