Fujitsu Primergy Product line

PRIMERGY is Fujitsu's brand name for x86-architecture designed servers. The brand name "PRIMERGY" incorporates a complete family of servers ranging from single-socket over dual-socket to quad-socket systems. Eight- and more socket systems are branded differently with "PRIMEQUEST" whereas servers of Fujitsu in the UNIX/Mainframe world, also known as SPARC systems, are named "Fujitsu M10" and mainframes "BS2000"At a time when the importance of applications and data in supporting your business has never been higher, you need computing power that is fit-for-purpose now and into the future. Fujitsu PRIMERGY systems are designed with this goal in mind, delivering more compute and storage capacity, highest performance, right-sized options with flexible choices, and providing lower energy consumption to lower your costs of IT service. The industry-standard x86 servers provide your company with the most powerful and flexible data center solutions on the market for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload. All PRIMERGY servers follow a dedicated naming scheme, as shown in the graphic below. First, it delivers information about the form factor of the system, secondly the number of sockets is given, thirdly, it incorporates the used processor family (currently only intel processors), and then a number for the feature-set of the system and lastly, the appendix gives insight about the system generation according to the Intel Xeon family generation development.

TX - Tower Servers

The abbreviation TX stands for tower servers. The current portfolio of PRIMERGY TX consists of the following:

  • TX1310 M1
  • TX1320 M2
  • TX1330 M2
  • TX150 S8 (old naming)
  • TX2540 M1
  • TX2560 M2

RX - Rack Servers

The abbreviation RX stands for rack servers. The current portfolio of PRIMERGY RX consists of the following:

  • RX1330 M2
  • RX2510 M2
  • RX2520 M1
  • RX2530 M2
  • RX2540 M2
  • RX2560 M2
  • RX4770 M2

BX - Blade Servers

The abbreviation BX stands for blade servers. The current portfolio of PRIMERGY BX consists of the following:

Blade Chassis

  • BX400 S1
  • BX600 S1
  • BX600 S2
  • BX600 S3
  • BX900 S2

Server Blades

  • BX2560 M2
  • BX2580 M2

Storage Blades

  • SX910 S1
  • SX940 S1
  • SX960 S1
  • SX980 S2

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